Keith and James was founded with the mission to offer the utmost quality hats, standing as symbols of affluence, strength and unity.

Founder, James Keith, prides himself on designing a chic and stylish fedora that can go from day to night and dressed up or down. The debut Coronation Collection includes three fedora styles in a variety of bold colors and boasting it’s trademarked  Signature Red under brim.

The Keith and James brand is rooted in family, unity, and love, symbolized in the red circular logo which James has dubbed the “Circle of Love.” Placing Keith in front of James shows the roots of his core family values, and that no matter what, family always comes first.

This statement-making brand has organically become a fan favorite of many celebrities and public figures, and is on its way to becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the luxury accessories industry. Keith and James  is currently available for purchase at Neiman Marcus and online.

James Keith was born in the small North Carolina town of Riegelwood. His entrepreneurial spirit ran in the family. James’ father is a successful businessman, operating and owning car dealerships and trucking companies, while his mother raised a family of four. James graduated with an MBA in Finance, then followed in the entrepreneurial spirit of his family going on to open and operate several successful businesses. Keith and James is the most recent addition to his family of business ventures.

His roots in fashion stem from his past experience working at the world famous Saks Fifth Avenue. With a passion for high quality fashion goods, James went on a mission to find a hat that stood out from the masses. With limited luck on finding the look and quality he desired in a hat, he shifted his career into the fashion design industry, and the Keith and James brand was born. James made his mark with Keith and James by crafting luxury fedora hats notable for their signature red under brim, hand-stitched with durable, high quality fabrics.


Contact Information:

Email: Info@KeithAndJames.com

Phone: ‭404.583.7890